The happiness machine

So I’m watching an episode of the “Ray Bradbury Theater” anthology series. It’s entitled “The Happiness Machine” and stars Elliot Gould, which isn’t really important.

Anyway, Gould builds what is essentially a virtual reality chamber, and his wife bitches at him the entire time he’s working on it.

When he finishes construction on the machine, his wife calls to have it hauled off, but before the gentlemen from “ACME” arrive, he convinces her to try the thing out.

She does, and it’s amazing. She feels like she is in Paris, which is all ’80s TV housewives ever talked about.

She steps out and tells him that she’s now sad because it’s not really Paris and he’s reminded her she’ll never be able to afford to travel there. So she insists that he destroy this billion dollar innovation which could have enabled her to fly to Paris anytime she liked on her own private jet.

Long story short, the machine goes up in flames and he soon realizes that his home, with his family in it, is the real “happiness machine.”

You short-sighted bitch, he could’ve sold that invention for for so much money. So much. Now what’ve you got? A black spot on the lawn and a bunch of bratty ass kids and a stack of bills still piling up on the kitchen counter. Smh. Good episode, though. Elliot Gould really hams it up. Movie actors seemed to do that back then, when they appeared on *scoff* television.

If you want to watch the episode, it’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime (S6E2) or you can simply watch it on YouTube if you don’t have Amazon Prime. The happiness machine



  1. I guess I understand the message of the story, but still… how much did it cost to build that thing, and you’re just going to let it burn?

  2. Well it’s the idea that he invents this virtual reality machine that could’ve been the “next big thing” and she’s not at all impressed, wants it hauled off as garbage because it reminds her that she can’t afford to go to all the places the box “takes” her to. Instead of just selling the idea to IBM or something and becoming a millionaire.

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