Who was this? Part 2

I have no idea who this was, and neither do you. I doubt anyone still living could tell you and neither could dead people who might know because they’re dead and they can’t talk.

This kid lived a life. He probably went on to fight in a war and raise kids and spoil their kids. Someone’s dad, someone’s husband, someone’s grandpa… And now no one knows who he is.

Perhaps he died in a bicycle wreck minutes after posing for this pic. We just don’t know.

But at one time, though, he was an entire universe unto himself. The events of his life seemed monumental to him.

He breathed fresh air and felt the wind in his hair as he pedaled down picturesque Norman Rockwell-esque small town streets on his bicycle, racing towards home and the rhubarb pie Mom was setting on the windowsill, fresh out of the oven, to cool.

Maybe he had a miserable childhood, though. I don’t know. I hope not. He looks like a good kid. But I dunno… maybe he was an insufferable brat and his parents killed him, stuffed him and placed him on the rocking chair in the living room that no one ever sat in because they liked him better that way…

…But probably not.


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