The Effugium Code

Potential readers of Exordium, the upcoming fourth book in the Effugium series, need not have read the first three in order to enjoy it. The book works just fine as a stand-alone action/adventure sci-fi story.

In the context of the previous volumes, however, it’s an altogether different reading experience.

Yeah, you’ll understand references you wouldn’t get if you hadn’t read Effugium, Exsilium, Exitium, and the novella Anshar that takes place between the first and second of those. Those references enrich Exordium. That’s not what I’m talking about, though.

You see, hidden in plain sight within the pages of all of these books is an encrypted message. Frankly, I don’t expect anyone to piece it together. I’m personally bad at puzzles (and riddles), so I wouldn’t “get” it if I hadn’t written it.

It’s hiding in the variations on Latin and Akkadian words I’ve used to christen my characters, spaceships and places. The subject of caves keeps coming up. That’s part of it. The covers, too, hold clues, and I’ll never tell anyone what any of it means. I’m searching for those who already know.


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