Kadallian seas are filled with a sweet red nectar called Tarris, which is absorbed and digested into a concentrated form by amphibious insectoid creatures called exothides. Once a year, they emerge by the millions from the syrupy depths to swarm the planet and spray-pollinate yellow flowers called Aurums that cover most of the surface of the planet. They’re what gives the world its yellow appearance from space.

The inhabitants of Kadal understood that they were an invasive species in this delicate ecosystem and took great pains to minimize their environmental footprint. Hardened Tarris became a prized commodity throughout the colony worlds, but its acquisition remained illegal until the war-obsessed world of Bellum conquered Kadal and began mining the planet of its most prized natural treasure.

Kadal’s people, avowed pacifists, are the very antithesis of everything Bellum believes in, and have been brutally enslaved by the Bellumite Empire.

Vengeance and self-defense are foreign concepts to Kadallians, but one of them, a slave serving in the Black Fortress of the Proeliator since childhood, has had enough.

He’s going to execute a plan that will result in the destruction of every living thing on Bellum, and free the homeworld-dwelling Kadallians from the grip of their violent, sadistic masters once and for all.


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