Saying goodbye

Siu Mai was rescued by an undercover operative at a puppy mill when she was five. We adopted her, and it was love at first sight, between she and I. The first day I brought her home, she laid on my chest and stared up at me with those big buggy innocent eyes and went to sleep.

She was in very rough shape–weak, scrawny, filthy and bug-eaten–but she quickly perked up and became a total daddy’s girl.

She loved to sleep by my head, because she loved to watch over me. She was always checking on me, and her eyes always followed me across the room. She squealed and howled if I so much as went outside to check the mail.

She loved to lie out in the sun and feel its warmth.

She was such a loyal little dog. She had a mothering instinct with me, like I was her giant puppy. Even in these last few days, sick and barely able to walk, she still dragged herself around to check on me and make sure I was there and okay before settling back in and resting her tired old bones.

I had to set her free today, at the age of sixteen. I feel empty inside, but grateful she came into my life so that I could make her feel happy, comfortable and loved. I will always miss her.



  1. Only one left, and all of her friends are gone. I’ve not had just one pug for over ten years. They like to cluster together in little packs all day. I’ve got to pay special attention to her because she’s lonely now.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your sweet little Siu Mai. I can see how anyone would fall in love with this little angel. While you take care of your remaining pug… be sure to take care of yourself as well.

  3. She was just such an intuitive dog, we were really in tune with each other. I’ll miss her little tail flip flopping around whenever I walked into a room

  4. It’s those precious memories we hold onto. (Not the floor-crapping-on ones.) I used to have an old German Shepherd that I rescued when he was an old man. He was such a grumpy old man. Like if I laughed too loud, he would sigh, get up and go outside lol. He was a good ole boy. Even my dog sitter (when I went camping) would sometimes say, can Hank come over for the weekend?? and he had four cats and three other dogs.

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