validation from Rod Serling

Patrick Walts

Submitted for your approval: While driving home late last night through dark and wooded country roads, listening to a Twilight Zone podcast, the following quote was put forth by one Mr. Rod Serling, a personal hero to me and I’m sure many others:

“Very often one of the major problems with strong writers who deal in dialogue above plot, which happens to be more my forte than plot, dialogue–If you look at some of the pages of the things I’ve written…shut your eyes! You won’t know who’s talking because they all talk alike. And who do they talk like? Me. Now that’s wrong.”

-Rod Serling

I was delighted to hear these words come directly out of his mouth, because the opinion expressed is one I share.

Dialogue between multiple characters who all sound alike is my one of my chief beefs with writers, and yet I battle the urge…

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