The latest Star Trek memes

From my “Trekker Things” Facebook page. (Side note, I wish I could get 6,000 followers on my author page)



  1. Word. I’m occasionally tempted to promote my stuff on the page but I suspect it would enrage people. Still, I’ve enraged people before; I’ll make a political meme that’s left-leaning, and another that’s right-leaning, and if people agree with it they love it, and if they don’t, the very same people will say something like “Hey, I don’t come here for politics!” And yet others understand that memes are jokes and not necessarily a statement of belief. People not old enough to remember MAD magazine don’t get it, others do. It’s actually become a valuable tool for studying human nature. Benefits my writing in many ways. It’s also promoted me to arrive at the realization that you can’t please everyone, but there’s a sweet spot you can hit that comes very close, and I incorporate that into my writing as well. It’s also a valve for releasing anxiety and dumping junk from my brain so that I’m more clear-headed when I sit down to write every day. All of the silliness and randomness that clogs up my head is exorcised. I do get sneaky sometimes and make pertinent memes for my author page then share them to the Star Trek page. 😉

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