Five Classic Rock deep cuts that the radio doesn’t play(but should)

Classic Rock radio is stupid and lazy. That’s why I don’t listen to it. Here are some songs they don’t play because corporate-owned radio is trash.

1. Cheap Trick: Stiff Competition

I’ll never get tired of “Surrender,” or “Dream Police,” but Cheap Trick has a lot of amazing, overlooked songs.

2. Lynyrd Skynrd: On The Hunt

I could go the rest of my life without ever hearing “Sweet Home Alabama” again and I’d be just fine. Love this track.

3. Aerosmith: No More No More

Not much to say about this one except that it rules.

4. Paul Stanley: It’s Alright

This song is pure ear candy. The tone, the riffs, the vocals; it’s the best KISS song ever, and it’s not even KISS.

5. Blue Oyster Cult: ETI(Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

Great band, saw them live once. And while I love “reaper” and “burnin’ for you,” like the others in this list, they had other songs.


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