Old Overnight

And just like that, movies and music I still think of as being recent became “old school,” and a whole generation of kids who weren’t born when the World Trade Center fell are about to go into crippling student loan debt.



  1. I remember not too long ago I was driving along, listening to the classic rock channel on Sirius and Pearl Jam came on. I was shocked. Right there alongside CCR and T-Rex.
    Something certainly changed for me that day, when I realized Pearl Jam could be considered classic rock.

  2. They’re just very specifically categorized. And then I’ll sit there and go “idk where to put this song, is it ok if I add it to “late 90s crust punk” even tho it’s not???” And then I have to remind myself how ridiculous that is because who the fuck cares? Lol. I’m the only one seeing it

  3. See… that’s the sort of dilemmas that I agonize (mildly) over. In the end, I go ahead and do it. (Then chastise myself every time it plays. lol)

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