Eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard Kryuss has developed a system of storing and transmitting data organically, via trees containing within their DNA the entirety of recorded human knowledge. Could his Terrestrially Regenerative Enhanced Extranet, or T.R.E.E., be a boon to mankind, or will it spell doom for the human race? This thrilling anthology documents 200,000 years of post-Earth human history through the eyes of those who will live it, and sets the stage for all subsequent novels set in the Effugium universe.

Caldo and Kryuss have failed to prevent the grisly deaths of nearly all of the inhabitants of the planet Galenia. After fleeing alongside a handful of survivors, they return to an almost unrecognizable Earth ruled by a tyrannical artie dictator from Caldo’s past who now calls himself The Sovereign. Will they succeed in overthrowing him and restoring freedom and order, or will they die trying?

A penitent Richard Kryuss travels to the Galenian colony world of Bellum with a proposal for the retaking of Galenia from TREE. It’s a risky scheme, but with sinister ulterior motives in mind, Bellum’s warmongering leader, Proeliator Latro, agrees to assist. Kryuss, however, habors ulterior motives of his own. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to either, TREE has other intentions for them…and everyone else.

A power mad priest. An orphaned child in possession of strange abilities. A jungle-dwelling clan of outcasts. A warrior with a heart full of vengeance. A cold-blooded killer with a heart of gold. A ruthless drug kingpin. A threat that none of them could have foreseen.

After being stranded for seven years on a hostile, unforgiving desert world ruled by gangsters and murderous megalomaniacs, one man must risk everything in order to rescue the woman he loves from enslavement and leave Anshar forever. (Previously published as Anshar)

A Kryuss from one million years in the future arrives in 1993 California to tinker with the course of human history.

When Ritchie and the Headlights are fired from their regular gig, they’re forced to find somewhere else to play.

Jexa uncovers a terrifying secret deep within the tarris caverns of Kadal, but her warnings fall on deaf ears.




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