In 1978, the U.S. Federal Government facilitated the buyout of a dusty old Oklahoma town called Groundswell by Prismaro Industries. Most of Groundswell’s dwindling population readily accepted the generous offers made on their homes and moved to nearby Axton, leaving all of their sordid secrets buried in a town that time forgot.
Someone’s been digging them up.


How did a pocket knife belonging to a young boy from the late twentieth century end up fossilized inside the skull of a newly-discovered species of dinosaur? Where do vampires living alone on the Moon find human prey to feed upon? Can even one of history’s most notoriously cold-blooded villains mourn the loss of a cherished friend? What are the dangers of increased connectivity and our growing dependence upon technology? Should a bullied robot retaliate against its tormentors? Does the Earth itself retain memories of the atrocities committed upon its surface? The answers to these questions and others can only be found somewhere between light and shade. (Contains select stories from the previously published anthologies “Moon Garden,” “Grave Concerns” and “Slices.”)


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