Wolf At My Door

I was out in my front yard the other day, checking my oil, when I heard the unmistakable jingling of a dog collar behind me.

Figuring it was someone out walking their dog, I turned around and found myself face to face with a wolf.

How did I know it was a wolf? Well, if you’ve never encountered one up close and in person, as I had not prior to this incident, lemme tell you something. You know it’s a wolf. Not a Husky, not even a coyote. This thing was huge.

Pic by neighbor

So we’re standing there staring at each other, and I slowly back towards my car with the intention of getting inside.

She gets spooked and runs off, and I’m thinking, nobody’s going to believe this. They did, though, because a lot of people saw her, and she was on the news after a happy reunion with her owner.

Okay, so she’s just 85% wolf, but, that’s pretty much a wolf. And though I suspected she was a sweetheart, and someone’s pet, due to the collar, I wasn’t about to take any chances.

In retrospect, I feel kind of bad that I didn’t somehow help that poor majestic, strikingly beautiful animal, but I doubt she would’ve let me, anyway. Very timid and easily spooked.

Anyway, she’s safe at home now, and I’m really glad her story had a happy ending.



  1. She was fairly skinny, and people online immediately started making assumptions about the owner and vocalizing them in a very hateful way. “That dog is being abused! Looks like she’s been chained up,” etc. Turns out the dog has a malabsorption issue that’s being treated by a vet. Perfect small-scale illustration of how mob mentality spreads over a few people making erroneous assumptions and running their mouths.
    I didn’t think the dog was THAT skinny. Certainly didn’t look neglected. Healthy coat, friendly demeanor, clean. I’ve had animals that were either skinny or fat despite any intervention on my part in their diets so I never just assume a skinny dog is being abused.

  2. For sure! Every wolf hybrid I’ve seen was leggy and thin but muscle-y. I know plenty of dog mushers who like them for their strength and endurance. Maybe that’s more of an Alaskan thing though haha.

  3. It’s made national news, now. A nice feel-good fluff story is always fun. I see my neighbor’s Mercedes (dog was resting next to it) all over the internet now.

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