On Air Conditioning and Cannibalism

With increased climate instability causing extreme temps and placing an unprecedented strain on our outdated power grids, something—or someone, has gotta give.

That someone, unless you’re a multi-millionaire, is you.

Here’s a tweet from March. I’ve been saying this for quite some time.

Several months later, I happened upon several articles about AC regulation in Spain.

When I posted it to Facebook, a friend from Michigan commented that their electricity rates increased sharply during peak hours.

What’s that mean? It means that anyone on a tight budget is practically being forced to shut off their air conditioners from 2pm to 7pm.

When I lived in Michigan, as a kid, in the early ‘80s, we didn’t have an AC. Very few people did. A “heat wave” meant that temps had climbed into the high 70s.

That’s no longer the case, of course, and in order to conserve power, some electric companies are increasing rates during peak hours.

Oh, okay. It’s only $2 a month more. No biggie. Just don’t use electricity when you most need it.

This article delves a little deeper.

The above statement came out of this face, because this is precisely the kind of face someone who says infuriatingly stupid nonsense like this has:

I’m sure the people of Michigan are grateful for both this man’s stating of the obvious, and offering tips that sound nice but are not helpful at all.

If you’re a working-class person in Michigan, you likely live in a house with not-great insulation, and no amount of pre-cooling is going to “keep your home at just the same level of comfort” on a 95-degree day.

This is a friendlier, less-aggressive method of power regulation than what Spain is doing, but that’s ultimately what we’re going to get here in the ol’ U.S. of A.

Right now, we’re in the early conditioning stages. With protestations of innocence on their smiling, lying lips, they can strongarm you into being less of a burden on the grids by making it cost more to use electricity. They’ll keep promising to fix said grids, but they won’t. They don’t intend to. Ever. It’s not in their best interests.

Ultimately, what will happen in Spain and everywhere else is that only the wealthiest among us will enjoy modern luxuries like AC, clean water and possibly electricity.

Sure, we all need to curb our power usage and make smart decisions like running our heavy appliances like washing machines and dishwashers at night, but I bet all these power company guys are living in an icebox all summer long, and stay nice and toasty all winter, without care in the world.

That’s the point. They will never be asked to sacrifice. It all falls on the shoulders of the unwashed masses, as usual.

We’re getting higher gas prices as a push towards electric cars. We’re getting higher energy bills to minimize our impact on the environment. Meat is more expensive because they want us to eat much less of it. This is all done indirectly, of course. They have a Rolodex of excuses at the ready to deflect or explain these accusations, and they all sound plausible enough that most people won’t question them.

They’re doing these things and others in secretive, indirect ways because they’ve tried to get us to minimize our carbon footprint to no avail. In their minds, they’re doing what’s best for us. “They” being the wealthy elite, of course.

They don’t want a better world for you, though, they want it for them. Their ultimate goal is to shrink the population, get rid of jobs and have everyone living in a tiny pod house receiving universal basic income checks. They can’t simply kill us off as they’d like to do(yet),so getting us under control and out of the way is their best option.

Why, though? How will they make money? Well, money’s easy to come by when it’s just numbers on a computer screen that don’t actually represent anything tangible.

We’ve been living “test runs” of this new “final solution” for some time now. They’re conditioning us to accept a gradual loss of the luxuries we’ve become accustomed to. The wealthy elite want the middle class to disappear, so that they can continue to support their opulent lifestyles in a burning, decaying world. They want two classes of people: dirt poor and filthy rich.

Last year, here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Gas & Electric executed planned blackouts while temps were below zero. This was to minimize stress on the power grid, they told us. And while that’s likely true, why wasn’t the NBA held to that same standard during the Thunder games that took place during that time? “Oh, no, you see, it’s okay because they didn’t use all the lights or had them dimmed or something.”

You know why the Thunder was allowed to play even as city residents huddled under mountains of blankets with no electricity. Money talks.

In fifty years, people won’t have central heating or AC at all, and in the wintertime somebody else with a face just as infuriating as Brian Wheeler’s will appear on the content-viewing screen of your pod, offering tips like “Jog in place to generate heat!” or “You know, studies show that just thinking about being warmer can raise your body temperature by .10 degrees!”

My novella Times to Come, available both here on my blog, for free, and in the pages of my new anthology Light and Shade, depicts a future in which corporations have taken over the functions of government. It’s science fiction today, but it very well might be science fact tomorrow, provided a massive solar flare doesn’t send us back to the Stone Age. Even if such an occurrence takes place, though(and it’s more likely than not), guess who will still have electricity and internet? The wealthy elite. Guess who won’t? You. Everything is set up with their protection in mind, because they’re the ones setting it up. Basic survival instinct. Attempting to camouflage their motives as altruistic is a big part of that. Remember trickle-down economics?

Whatever happens, of course, it won’t be good for you and I, the “regular people.” It never is, because such is human nature. Power corrupts, and that’s been true since the inception of humankind. If I had a time machine and traveled back to the days of the cavemen, I’d fully expect to see the cavemen with the biggest caves and rock-based tool collections running the show, and feasting on succulent boar meat while the have-nots scrounged for bugs. Because that’s how it is now, and it’ll get even worse. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if cannibalism made a triumphant return within my lifetime.


  1. I wish this didn’t resonate so much with me, but resonate it does. We are, as a species, challenged to understand change that is already in motion, or we would be treating what’s already in-flight–to some degree–with much more gravity. Alas.

  2. What I gather from reading highlights of it (it won’t let me access the article) elsewhere is that he’s suggesting a proliferation of cannibalism in entertainment might represent some kind of rekindled primitive survival instinct on our part. Thats a cool idea.

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