EFFUGIUM Paperback Editions coming soon!

Well, I’m finally gonna do it. Releasing a paperback is easier than ever, at least through Amazon, and I eventually plan to do so with the rest of my books. Being able to hold physical copies of my work in my hands is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

If all goes well, I estimate the time remaining before I make this bad boy available to the public at about a coupla months, probably sooner.

I had to re-create the original cover using higher resolution, cursing my past self for his lack of foresight as I did so.

I think I might like the new version even better, though.

Kindle cover

What does this cover mean, anyway? Well, It means a lot, but I refuse to talk about it.

Sayonara for now.

PS: Here’s the recreated covers for the Exsilium and Exordium paperbacks. They’ll each include bonus novellas.

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