They know what they’re doing.

All of the sponsored ads I see in my Facebook feed feature either butts or boobs in the thumbnails, and it’s a brilliant way to use sex to get clicks and feign innocence about it. “Oh, that’s just the thumbnail it auto-selected!”

Tap my vagina to play!

With that in mind, I tried the same approach to advertise my books, but my ad was rejected.

I put a “censored” bar over the butt, and it rejected it again. Guess you can only use T&A in an ad if you’re a corporation. It’s tasteless for ordinary non-rich people to attempt to make money off sex, the pandemic or the Ukrainian invasion. You’ll see Capitol One or somebody like that put out some heartstring-tugging commercial about how they “stand in solidarity” with such and such cause, and everybody claps and vows to shower said company with money as a reward for their socially progressive stances that they don’t actually intend to stand behind.

Is what it is, I guess. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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