Some movies I’ve recently watched

A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)

Currently streaming on HBO MAX

This slow-burn neo-noir thriller wouldn’t be as good as it was if not for the Psycho vibes it manages to conjure. It’s a very quiet, moody film with lots of rain, grime and dim lighting. It tends to go unnecessarily far with downright cruel acts of violence by the two abductor/murderer villains, but just cringe your way through it and you’ll be fine.

Beneath the Leaves (2019

Currently streaming on Netflix

This is a movie about a serial killer who pulls people’s fingernails off with pliers after they’re dead. He escapes from prison and hunts down a group of men who escaped his clutches as children. It’s alright.

Backtrack (AKA Catchfire) (1990)

Currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi

This movie’s absolutely bonkers. Dennis Hopper directed it, and it seems like he called in all of his famous friends for cameo roles. Joe Pesci, Charlie Sheen, Vincent Price, Bob Dylan… Yeah, that’s right.

Hopper plays a hitman who falls for his target(Jodie Foster) and abducts her instead of killing her. She gets Stockholm syndrome and falls in love with him. His bosses don’t like any of this, and the whole thing is settled with a helicopter duel. It’s insane, but definitely worth a watch, possibly because of that.

Down the Shore (2011)

Currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi

This movie’s categorized as a thriller on streaming services, which is puzzling, because it isn’t. Not at all. It’s a very slow-paced but engaging drama. Pretty depressing, though. Still, glad I watched it.


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