Tower of Babel

Everybody’s being ridiculous. Nobody understands what anyone else is saying, about anything.

On one side, you’ve got people for whom being vaccinated has become an integral part of their identity. It’s a religion to these people. When they hear of someone getting vaccinated they treat that person like they just got “saved” at church camp. It’s downright creepy.

On the other side, you’ve got people like this.

They’ve taken healthy skepticism and turned it into a fear-filled narrative of paranoid psychosis.

Take a look at this post from PBS:

Okay, so that headline seems pretty clear-cut to me. There is concern about the U.S. making boosters available when some other countries don’t have readily accessible initial doses. How can you misinterpret that? Check the comments. Here’s how the left misreads it:

As you can see, they appear to have glanced at the headline and made up their own story about it. Then they commented on that story, the one in their heads. They decided this story about people in other countries not having access to the vaccine was about people in America choosing not to get it.

Hold on, though, the right did their own version of the same by responding with a mix of gibberish and convoluted claptrap, as they often do. Look:

So, essentially, group A wildly misinterpreted the headline and group B saw the word “Vaccine,” got triggered and responded accordingly.

These guys almost stumble onto the point of the article, but can’t quite get there.

People do this with everything, from covid to race relations to abortion to Star Wars, and that’s why everyone’s so mad and defensive all the time. they’re not even speaking the same language. They’re having two separate arguments and don’t even know it. It’s all just noise.

Oh look, one person got it. Perhaps there’s hope for us after all.


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