A talk radio caller in 1989 discussed iPhones.

There was a talk radio show out of Reedsport, Oregon in the late 1980s called The Alan Stone Program. It was similar in tone and subject matter to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, so it obviously existed to capitalize on the success of said show. Except it was better.

A friend of mine in high school who’d moved to Oklahoma from Oregon had a bunch of these shows on tape. We used to sit around late at night during the summer of 1992 listening to all these wild stories about UFOs, devil-worshippers, alien abductions and paranormal activity, because we were nerds like that.

Anyway, after he moved away the following year(His dad was military, got deployed. Lost a lot of friends growing up by an army base), I never heard anyone talk about Alan Stone, and I could never find a single shred of info about him on the internet years later when I actually got access to it in college. It was as if he’d never existed.

One day earlier this year, out of the blue, I decided to check again. After all, it’d been nearly 20 years since I’d last done so.

Lo and behold, on Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine search engine, I found a defunct talk radio message board post from 2003 with the subject heading Alan Stone time traveler episode.”

I opened it, and luckily, there was an image of the thread. The poster, under the handle GFlost46 had simply typed “Remember this?” and attached a scan of a partial transcript from the show.

I couldn’t download the attachment because it was a dead link, obviously, but the thumb was a hi-res enough image that I was able to get a legible screenshot and then sharpen that in a photo editing program for increased readability.

That’s it. That’s all there is. It was a single page of transcript from a show no one cared about, and no one responded because iPhones hadn’t yet been introduced. It didn’t catch anyone’s attention. When iPhone debuted in 2007, no one went back and dug this up like “Ah-HA.” Because of course they didn’t. This post would’ve been buried under a mountain of news articles and message board posts about iPhones. No one noticed. It’s possible I even listened to the show in question, on one of my friend’s tapes, but I do t remember it because it didn’t really stand out to me.

Check out the way he talks, though, about retinal scans “being a thing.” thats 2021 talk. Is whoever posted the scan a time traveler, too, I wonder? Maybe it’s George Filby, or whoever that pseudonym belongs to, rather. If not, did the poster have any idea what he or she had possession of, or was it just some random, meaningless but interesting thing he’d come across?

I can’t find that post again, so there’s no link. I found an image of the post’s title, but the thread is no longer archived for some reason. 🤔

Glad I saved that screenshot, though, because while I’m sure I’ll be accused of fabricating it, at least I know that time travel is possible.

Still, I can’t help but feel disappointed. While significant, it’s still a rather mundane piece of information. What else did this caller say? What kinds of things did he tell the show’s listeners in 1989 about 21st-century events? Did he talk about 9-11?

I called the current owners of KDUN and they say they don’t know who Alan Stone is. I’m left baffled at how a man could produce even a small, regional radio show and then have all traces of his existence completely vanish. It’s almost like he got erased. Maybe he tried to warn people of tragedies before they happened and certain folks didn’t like that. Really makes me wonder.

If anyone has the rest of this transcript, or any other transcripts, info, audio recordings etc of the Alan Stone Program, please let me know. I don’t care if people think I’m making all this up. I’m not trying to reach such people. I’m trying to establish contact with other people who remember Alan Stone. I know they’re out there, somewhere.


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