Where are they now? ‘60s icons Edition

Here’s what became of six of the biggest icons the sixties had to offer, and what they’re up to now!

Notoriously reclusive, John Lennon performs sporadically, but refuses to record any new music. Fans were outraged when he agreed to perform at Trump’s Presidential inauguration in 2017.
After a string of failed pop/r&b efforts throughout the ‘80s, as well as a crippling crack cocaine habit, Jimi Hendrix experienced a ‘90s comeback with a heavily-guested grunge album featuring appearances from Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and and Scott Weiland, among others. He is currently a judge on NBC’s “The Voice” and appears frequently on The Breakfast Club and The Joe Rogan Podcast.
Hendrix’s controversial 1985 LP “Still Experienced” resulted in a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against Atlantic Records after Hendrix lashed out at the label for significantly lightening his skin tone on the album cover, making him appear whiter. “They want to make me the next Michael Jackson,” he told Good Morning America in 1985. “But I’m not Michael Jackson. I’m Jimi Hendrix. I was here before him. He is the next me, you dig? I don’t need to imitate somebody that came before me and that’s what they make it look like I did.” The label maintained its innocence, claiming their intention was to package him as more of a Rick James. They settled for an undisclosed amount.
Jim Morrison’s very public, very ugly feud with members of his former band The Doors overshadowed the musical output of both until a 1995 Rick Rubin-produced reunion album put them back in the public consciousness. A 2022 casino tour package featuring The Doors, Janis Joplin, And the Strawberry Alarm Clock called “I love the sixties” has just been announced.
Janis Joplin stopped performing music entirely in the early ‘80s and was elected Governor of Vermont. After serving two terms she ran for the Senate, lost, and disappeared from public life until agreeing to participate in the upcoming I Love the Sixties casino package tour.
John F. Kennedy enjoyed a lengthy career in politics following his second term as President. He later became a successful conservative talk radio host and Fox News commentator, leading many to speculate that the bullet that grazed his skull during a 1964 assassination attempt caused some sort of brain damage.



  1. Sometimes we don’t keep the best tabs on those famous people from the past… fortunately I’ve got Mr. Walts to dig these dusty gems up and keep us all in the know.

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