Truly Bizarre vintage print ads for video games

Pretty much every comic book I read throughout the ‘80s and 90s had a video game ad on the back cover. Usually it was one of these:

I can smell the newsprint on this JPEG.

Some of them were really awesome.

Nothing odd here, just implied brutal violence against children.

Sometimes, though, they got really weird.

First off, there was a whole “video games are better than sex” trend going on.

Sorry, kidnap victim. Tetris is way more fun than burning you with a hot coat hanger.

And of course, just sex used without the implication that video games are preferable to it.

This one at least acknowledges that SLEEPING is far superior to vidjya games.

And then you’ve got your downright WEIRD “What were they thinking?” ads:

Ok, I know what they were thinking. You won’t convince me otherwise.
I can’t even believe this is real.

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