Can’t argue the facts

If I say that something sucks, that leaves the subject open to debate. If I instead say I don’t like that thing, I’ve stated a fact, and it cannot be disputed. My personal preferences cannot be challenged by anyone else. My reasons can, but I’m not obligated to provide any. Conversation over, no more questions.


Most cops are assholes.


I tend to strongly dislike a certain personality type that often seems drawn to the job of policing.


Kilts look stupid.


Kilts are visually unappealing to me.


Cyclists suck.


I’m often aggravated by cyclists.


Wicca is goofy nonsense.


I find it difficult to take Wicca seriously.


“Mumble rap” sucks.

FACT: It is not suited to my personal tastes.


Jeff Dunham isn’t funny.

FACT: He makes quite a few people laugh. If one person laughs at something, it’s funny to them. Therefore it is funny, although I personally find his comedy corny and annoying.

Imagine what would happen if more people recognized that their personal tastes, feelings and perceptions don’t dictate reality. Imagine if they could allow others to enjoy things without harassment. Wouldn’t that be nice? I suppose maybe it wouldn’t be, for those who thrive on conflict. Speaking for myself, however, I’d find it refreshing.


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