All three Effugium books free this Friday and Saturday

In 2017, eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard Kryuss revamped an early prototype vessel for a planned recreational line of space cruise ships into a generational starship that would carry a carefully-selected few of his followers to a new world. Human beings had been declared an invasive species upon the Earth by a mysterious entity that sent everyone with a smart phone a digital eviction notice via text.

Effugium is a collection of interconnected short stories spanning over 200,000 years of post-Earth history.

It sets the stage for the full-length novel Exsilium, which finds the same entity that purged the Earth of humankind several millennia earlier threatening to do the same to Galenia, a planet colonized by the descendants of Effugium.

It’s got a giant robot, primitive humans hunting cloned dinosaurs, nanoweaponry that breaks its targets’ molecules down to ash, the resurrection of Kryuss, and a high school bully turned world leader.

Anshar is a space western novella set on the outermost Galenian Colony world of Anshar. It’s a barren, desolate, drug-infested wasteland ruled by ruthless gangsters and nomadic tribes of cannibals who wear human skin as clothing.

The book is a prequel of sorts to Exsilium, as it features the origin story of one of said book’s main characters. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed story that can be read and understood even if one hasn’t experienced the other books in the series.

Download all three Kindle Editions for free this Friday and Saturday, Jan 22-23

And stay tuned for Exitium, coming in 2021!


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