2+2 IS five!

We can no longer afford to make space for people who insist upon rigidly adhering to our outmoded and problematic system of mathematics.

Speaking as a proud member of the dyscalculia community, the harm inflicted upon me by privileged bigots who keep insisting that 2+2=4 is…well, incalculable! I frequently need to break from Twitter for self-care because of all the anti-dysc violence on there. They hate my existence!

The mostly white inquisitors(teachers) who ran the torture dungeons(classrooms) I was imprisoned in for 8 hours a day for 14 years of my fucking life told me I was stupid. I told them I didn’t understand algebra or calculis or fractions or geolotry. They said I just wasn’t trying. I said that yes, I was. Many of them were men. Some were women, but they were probably fucking TERFS and I hope they’re dead now.

I struggled through sleepless nights to silence my own beautiful inner math muse and replace it with their fascist narrative. If only someone had cared enough at the time to reach out to me and let me know that when it comes to math, it’s my truth that matters, I probably never would have started cutting.

IT’S LIKE THIS: Two plus Two equals five, because it does to me. That’s my truth, and you cannot take it from me. Any attempt to do so comes from a place of privilege and oppression.

Each of us must learn to accept the math that is true to us. Now that’s science, and there have been many studies done to prove this, so, um, maybe you should read a book and stop being so ignorant.



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