Disaster Double Feature

This morning I finally watched a movie I’ve had in my Amazon Prime queue forever: The Cassandra Crossing.

I love a good ’70s all-star disaster movie, and this was a solid entry in said genre.

In a nutshell, it’s about a virus loosed on a train, and the government’s unethical attempts to contain it. Amazing cinematography, and it stars Sophia Loren, Ernest Borgnine, OJ Simpson, Martin Sheen as Ava Gardner’s young boytoy, and a bunch of others.

I then watched another disaster flick entitled City on Fire, also available on Prime.

Not as good as Cassandra, but enjoyable nonetheless. A crazy oil refinery worker sets off a chain reaction of explosions that set the city on fire, and all kinds of mayhem ensues. It’s fun.

If you enjoy these kinds of films and have prime, check ’em out. Also, Starflight One, a 1983 made-for-TV movie available on Prime, is worth a look.


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