Faceborg is really messing with me

Every time I place a sponsored ad for one of my books on Facebook, and it gets a decent response, Faceborg threatens to delete my account and my author page. Every time a post from my Star Trek meme page goes viral, the Zuckerbots threaten to delete my account and my page. They’ve limited my reach to “protect the community from spam.” I’ve figured out how to circumvent that somewhat, but it’s a hassle.

No, spam is the shit ton of ads I get in my feed for big corporations like Citibank and H&R Block. But hey, they’re rich and powerful, so that’s cool.

Me selling a book on MY page, though? SPAM.

Facebook is an important promotional tool for me and I have a big reach there. I don’t have that reach anywhere else.

I don’t post objectionable content. I post content to the appropriate places. I don’t post anywhere that requests no self-promotion.

My conclusion: Faceborg wants to assimilate your data without letting you have anything in return for it. It can’t let you use its platform to assist yourself in become successful. It wants you to stay in your box and consume from the big corps that pay big bucks to advertise on it. It wants to spy on all of your likes and dislikes so that those companies will know what to sell you. That’s all. You can use it successfully as a promo tool, but be warned: it doesn’t like that, and it will harass the shit out of you with random “page deletion” notices.

I’m going to keep outsmarting them until they pull the plug, though.



  1. Interestingly, I just saw on my Author Facebook page that they actually collect information from other places and apps you use. I was pretty annoyed by that. I never agreed to it. Mine had information they collected (read: bought) from WordPress (disappointed in that), both MS Word and Adobe (wait, what?!!) among others. Well. I’ve hated Facebook since 2008 when they revamped the entire site anyway, (so much better in 2005! lol) and then went full big brother in this decade. Well. I deleted it today. Also interesting that it takes them 30 (to 90) days to delete an account (supposedly) but they can censor a spoof video (read: take down) if it makes the Democratic Party look funny. My eyes are rolling haha. But I know you have a great reach there but I have never been able to make a go there, even when I did paid ads 🤷🏼‍♀️ so… “goodbye (again) Facebook. I won’t miss you.”

  2. I just recently deleted my Facebook account. I don’t feel like I’m giving up much because I’ve always done better promoting my stuff on Twitter. Obviously Twitter has its problems, too, but every single time I logged onto Facebook I’d get bombarded with nastiness and negativity. I’d much rather spend my time doing something else. Anything else.

  3. Opposite experience for me. I see very little negativity on Facebook because of all my blocking and hiding of people. Whereas on twitter I see almost nothing but political screeching with random blips of good

  4. I muted certain words and names on Twitter, so a lot of political stuff gets filtered out of my feed. But I never figured out how to clean up my Facebook feed. I figure some algorithm flagged me as wanting to see ALL THE POLITICS!!! for some reason, and nothing I could do would make it stop.

  5. I need to look into that, didn’t know about word filtering. I made the mistake of checking science fiction as an interest when I signed up, and literally all I see is writers ranting about politics and trying to be out-PC each other. I need to play with my settings.

  6. I use Tweetdeck instead of the regular Twitter app. In Tweetdeck, must is in the settings menu. I’m not sure how to get that option in regular Twitter.

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