I’m going to kill 2021

2019 knocked me down hard. 2020 knocked me down harder, and kicked me while I was down.

Yeah, I know, it knocked everyone down and I’m not special in that regard–don’t claim to be, but this is my website, so…

2021 is a big, ugly fire-breathing dragon eyeing me from beyond the chasm of winter, waiting with baited, smoky breath to greet me when I cross.

This time I’ll be ready. With my dad’s life insurance money, I was blessed with the ability to pay off my debt. I’m no longer a slave.

I’ve got to have surgery sometime at the start of the year, but when that’s done and I’ve recovered, I’ll be stronger than ever.

I’m getting out of this WWII-era house I bought in the early 2000s and buying a newer one–a nice place I can take some pride in.

2021 will be my most prolific year yet as a writer, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve put out several books and a ton of short stories over the past two years. More people are going to discover and read my stuff in 2021, though. It’s going to happen.

My blade is steel, and my will is iron. God help that dragon.



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