Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’s brain-melting guitar solo

In Back to the Future, Marty Mcfly terrorizes his dad with a tape of Eddie Van Halen making a bunch of crazy noise.

The piece was taken from the score of a 1984 film called “The Wild Life,” which featured a score composed and performed by Eddie.

It’s interesting to note that Both Lea Thompson and Eric Stoltz were later cast in BTTF, the latter being replaced mid-shoot by Michael J Fox. Small world, huh?

Eddie does some great ’80s synth stuff on the score. Case in point: This!So deliciously ’80s.

Wanna hear more? Here’s the whole thing. It’s a fun, obscure curiosity. Worth a skim-through.

For years, I wondered if that really was Eddie Van Halen on that tape, and what circumstances surrounded its recording. I also wondered why it said “Edward Van Halen.” Why would the tape have that written on it? It’s not like he had a solo album.

Turns out, he kinda did! It sounds like a bunch of demos and screwing around in the studio, but it works as ’80s teen comedy background music. If you didn’t know, and you were curious like me, I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of info.


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