Ashes of Laughter

The year is 2021, and a virus ten times deadlier than COVID-19 has killed millions and decimated the world’s economy.

The public is clamoring for a vaccine, and the most powerful pharmaceutical company in the industry is all too eager to give them one–just not the one they want.

It’s a family-owned company that wears its faith on its sleeve–but it ain’t the kinda faith you’re probably thinking of.

Ever hear about the Blackwell Estates murders? A retired archeologist named Donald Raines adopted the religion of a clandestine order of child-sacrificing Ba’al worshippers he encountered in Tunisia. Started a cult that promised prosperity to its members in exchange for the lives of their firstborn children.

If you want to read more about that particular sect of Ba’al worshippers, you’ll have to check out The Act of Laughing. This post isn’t about that book or those people. It’s about a sequel to said book.

The survivors of the tragic events that took place in Act are coming back in a brand-new sequel, tentatively entitled Ashes of Laughter.

This pharmaceutical company I mentioned earlier… well, something downright sinister is definitely going on there, but only Joseph, Daniel and Kristin can see it.

According to them, the public has been fooled by the family’s claims that their particular brand of Baal worship, which they practice openly and proudly, is one of peace. They’ve become pop culture celebrities, and people love them.

What are they really planning, though? Why, a mass sacrifice, of course. Why sacrifice a few for some of the power, when you can sacrifice them all for all of the power?

“You should write a sequel to Act of Laughing,” people have told me, for years. This is what they want from me, but until the other day I wasn’t at all interested in giving it to them.

I had a dream the other night, though, and I didn’t remember it until later the following afternoon. When I was finally able to unpack it, I discovered it was the plot of this book. I had to write it.

Coming soon.


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