What a clusterfuck this whole pandemic response has turned into. From the getgo, we’ve been fed a lot of contradictory info and advice, and that’s because the people in charge don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, either. No one knows anything, really. We weren’t prepared for this.

We crashed the country and took away people’s ability to earn a living without giving them any protection from the bill collectors who are already banging on doors and threatening to break fingers. Then we chastised those people for being afraid. Accused them of valuing money over life. Guess what, though? You need money to live! Cancel culture has shifted its focus to pointing out and publicly shaming people caught not wearing gloves and masks.

By the same token, the “its all a hoax” crowd is really gaining momentum, as people now boldly defy all common sense and congregate together in large sweaty groups as if opening everything back up and pretending it’s over eliminates the threat.

Is the threat overblown, or even non-existent, as some claim? Well, I can assure you that it definitely exists, as it killed my dad. And all your little comments to me about “Oh they probably just labeled it COVID so the hospital could get paid, should’ve used hydroxychloroquine but doctors aren’t allowed to use it to make Trump look bad.”

First of all, go fuck yourself. Second, he had the textbook symptoms, and my mom tested positive at a facility independent of that hospital. Third, he did get hydroxychloroquine and it didn’t help him. Doctors use it all the time. Maybe it helps some people, maybe it doesn’t. They use it, though, so you don’t know what you’re talking about. No one has ever “banned” it. Your sources are bullshit. You talk about “sheeple” blindly following the media, but guess what? Making up your own news that furthers your own personal political narrative doesn’t make that news reality.

People on both sides of the political fence have created their own realties around what they want to believe, and that’s no surprise. They’ve fully integrated the pandemic into their views, As usual, the likely answer falls somewhere between these two extremes, but all we’ll get is a lot of self-righteous grandstanding and talk.

Me? I do think the response is overblown, particularly because it was all for nothing. We just left the shark-infested waters for a couple weeks, looked out, didn’t see any fins and said “Everybody back in!”

Meanwhile, everyone was just congregating at the grocery store, anyway. That’s what I told the New York Times when they asked me if I thought earlier shelter-in-place orders would’ve saved lives. Shit, idk. Everybody’s out and about anyways. I’ve worked this entire time and I only witnessed about two days of diminished traffic and crowds. No one has fucking stayed home. Fuck outta here with that shit.

So my take is this: Open the fuck up, because this shit is getting silly. It’s nothing but feelgood talk and virtue signaling, and lives are being ruined. But be careful. Be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of your hands and what they’ve touched.

Sure, some people are gonna die. It’s gonna happen, regardless. You’ve got people saying we should all hole up until December or America will look like The Walking Dead VS people who call it “scamdemic” while at the same time screaming about hydroxychloroquine saving lives. (So you’re mad about an imaginary banning of a drug used to treat a fictional disease. That’s some mighty fine thinkin’ there, buddy!) Those same people, depending on their mood, might blame 5G for the COVID symptoms, which they claim aren’t real. People are all fucking mixed up.

I’m fucking fed up with Trump Supporters and liberals. They’re just parroting rhetoric at each other more than ever and it’s so dumb.

Fair is fair: Trump didn’t tell people to inject Lysol. He got up and did what he does, which is launch into bizarre stream-of-conscious rants that you have to decipher to understand.

And this woman in this story I keep seeing, she doesn’t “not know how masks work.” She knows perfectly well how they work. She’s obviously making a statement but it’s easier to twist into a “people are so dumb” news story.

Well, guess what? You’re dumb too. You’re a fucking #covidiot too. You just follow a different bullshit narrative than the other bullshit narrative.

I keep finding myself wishing for mass death because so many deserve it, then reeling myself in because that’s stupid.

It’ll be a cool minute before I sit inside of a restaurant again. It’s fucking dumb to go sit in one right now as some kind of “freedom statement.” Support that local business with curbside pickup or delivery for fuck’s sake.

Still, like everyone else, I know nothing. These are just my thoughts, from my head. I’m just a ball of mixed emotions, fear and anger being the most prominent among them. I admit that I know nothing, though. And it aggravates me that other people who know nothing are convinced that they know everything.


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