Exsilium: Chapter one

I’ve been sitting on this book for months now, waiting for editing to be completed. I’m eager to share it with people, so here’s the unedited draft of chapter one:


Chieftain Kohlvar tightened his grip on the butt of his rifle when the chunk they’d just cut out of the worldship’s hull clattered to the floor.

Beyond the smoking hole lay only darkness. “Lights,” said Kohlvar, and the tribesmen obeyed, activating their helmet lamps.

The cool scent of mildew wafted out of the hole and into the airlock. Kohlvar wasn’t sure what they were going to find inside, but this was the moment he’d been anticipating since he’d volunteered for their mission nearly six months ago. The unknown excited him. Predictable military exercises bored him. He wanted action; risk.

“Everybody keep your ears open and your eyes peeled,” he said. “We don’t know if these people are friendly or hostile, so I’m assuming hostile until I’m proven wrong. Fingers on triggers, safety off, but don’t get jittery.”

Striker Gabriel shoved past him and into the hole. He turned around and…

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