WordPress issue? Help!

Anyone know the answer to this? Lately when I save a draft, usually one with a link in the text, the “update” button reappears again as if it hasn’t been saved.

And then it says “local changes” instead of saving it publicly. The only way I’m able to fix this when it happens is to retype everything into a new post. Copy and paste results in the same issue.

Now it’s doing it on all previous posts with links. Anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it? It’s really frustrating.



  1. I had this occur a couple times and for me it actually had saved the changes, it just didn’t change that update button. Is is saving your changes if you go out and come back in to the post?

  2. Yeah. It seems to save it, even though it says “local changes.” Its only posts with links. I did figure out that if I switch to html mode and save it, it saves it properly until the next time I open it. If I delete the links it stops doing it entirely.

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