How dare you not like the thing I like? 🙁🤯😮😵🤬

Remember when people lost their minds because Martin Scorsese said that Marvel movies weren’t for him and that they weren’t “cinema?”

Scorsese wrote a very thoughtful reply to this backlash, further clarifying his position. In it acknowledged the artistry and talent of the people making these movies, which is commendable. It’s good that he said did that, because those people deserve those accolades.

Overall, though, he was nicer than I would’ve been. I would’ve asked those people how my lack of enthusiasm for a thing they liked diminished their enjoyment of it. I’d probably have told them to fuck off while I was at it, because I’d be annoyed.

We’re spoiled children living in a self-absorbed age in which we demand the world around us alter itself to suit our tastes and whims.

So Scorsese isn’t interested in movies about guys in colorful spandex fighting crime, but you are, and you can’t stand that he won’t give his stamp of approval to them, so now he’s shit. He’s cancelled. Hashtag standwithMCU! I mean, what else can you do? What other option do you have? Someone out there doesn’t like a thing you like, and they must! Damn it, they must!

Here’s another option: let it go. Let it go like you’ll have to let what I’m about to say go because I won’t respond to you: I don’t give a shit about Marvel movies.

Yeah, I loved comics as a kid. I grew up with them and I occasionally still read them–especially silver and Bronze Age reprints.

I liked the first couple X-Men and Spider-Man movies. Saw the Avengers, liked that. I liked the Fantastic Four movie that everyone hated. Ang Lee’s Hulk sucked ass, in my opinion. I liked the Thomas Jane Punisher movie. Iron Man was pretty good…

I quit caring because they started cranking these things out at a rate of about one movie a month, and now it’s just not that special anymore. It’s not an event when one comes out, because they’re a dime-a-dozen. There’s no waiting, it’s just MORE MORE MORE, NOW NOW NOW. And it’d better be the most outlandish fan service Mary Sue bullshit ever, or else a bunch of fucking nerds will screech about it.

I’m not dissing the movies at all. I’m glad people dig them. I’m just not interested anymore, and that upsets people, when I tell them that.

And I don’t go around volunteering this information–they ask for it. They ask me if I’ve seen the latest Thor movie. No. I haven’t. Why? Because five or six of the motherfuckers come out a year and I don’t even typically watch six movies in a year at this point in my life.

I like comic movies, and I’ll watch one now and again, but I also want to watch movies about real people getting involved in plausible situations. Movies without superpowers and shooting and explosions. Movies with dialogue. Movies that didn’t cost a kajillion dollars to make. Movies stemming from a single visionary’s imagination. Everything’s gotta be a “franchise” now, though. Everything’s gotta be bigger and and more over-the-top than the last thing.

Point is, I’m glad these movies exist and that people love them. I get it. This isn’t about the movies themselves, because I do like them when I see them. But if I don’t like them, or don’t see them, that doesn’t mean I’m a “moron” just because you do.

There’s more outrage about someone expressing indifference to a popular franchise than there is about Hollywood being a country club for sexual predators.

I asked myself if I’d have been mad at Scorsese if the MCU had been a thing when I was younger and would’ve been all about it. The answer was no, because he made Goodfellas.

I read an interview with Robert Plant once, back when I was a teenager, in which he essentially called the entire genre of heavy metal shit. It didn’t make me stop listening to Led Zeppelin. It didn’t make me enjoy Iron Maiden any less. I understood that this was his opinion and that he was entitled to it, and I didn’t care.

Remember when Stephen King dissed Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games? People were either thoroughly pleased that their own hatred of said books was validated, or angry that their love of them wasn’t. If I was into those books and Stephen King, I wouldn’t have stopped reading Stephen King in protest. That’s stupid. Save that kind of anger for people who have done truly horrible things, not people who don’t share your literary interests.

And let us not forget why these things come up: the media asks these people for their opinions, and then they get paid when controversial statements generate ad revenue. It’s no coincidence. They want you fighting with each other over stupid, piddly bullshit because they get paid for it. Every time you post an irate comment under an online story about Scorsese Vs. Marvel, you’re putting money in the pocket of some muckraking parasite.

When the news shares a clickbait story and you bite and start arguing in the comments, YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED. They want you to do that. They know what pushes your buttons.

Take the bait if you must, but get “woke” to the fact that you’re being used.



  1. Patrick, one thing I enjoy about these posts from you is how level-headed and well-thought they are. Maybe also because I agree with like uhhh 98% of what you say lol. But seriously… it’s all about balance. And people these days are so… unbalanced.

  2. I used to feel like some stuff just sucked, and that was all there was to it. I wondered how people could like the kinds of stupid shit they did. Then I realized that things just resonate with people differently, and if people like something I think sucks, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid, it means nothing at all. I also looked at stuff I like from an objective point of view and I can see how it would seem stupid to someone else. It’s all a big whatever. Some people don’t grow past that stage and figure this shit out.

  3. It’s very telling because it’s an extension of the way we treat each other over politics or anything else. My thing that I’ve tried to do in recent years is examine things I don’t like and figure out what it is that appeals to people and why. And then when you figure it out, you can see all the buttons being pushed. I’ll listen while people talk about sports, and I’ll get it now, even if I don’t like them. Whereas when I was 14 I was like “Sports are stupid, people are so stupid for being into them.” But that’s just a shitty way to look at things, even though I think it’s normal. But then you’re supposed to grow up and understand people better with life experience, but some don’t. They’re like hamsters on a wheel.

  4. But anyway the whole point of wanting to better understand those things is so that I can use that understanding to my advantage. I’m really into the idea of things that have both credibility and mass appeal. Quality works that a majority of people can enjoy. When I see a phenomenon like that taking place, I try to pinpoint what it is that gives it such wide appeal.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. I often say, let’s agree to disagree and we can still be friendly. I don’t mind debate or discussion, as long as it is intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful. I may disagree with others on a lot of things (I too am not a fan of commercialized sports but my best friend loves some of them) but that doesn’t mean we can’t get along or we need to be hateful or rude. Some people like to watch tv and movies. For the most part, it’s just not my thing. I don’t enjoy it, generally. I’m a reader and a (board/card)gamer. I haven’t had TV since 1999 and I have not missed it once. That doesn’t mean I hate or talk shit about TV-watchers… it just means it’s not my form of entertainment and talking about TV shows or movies… my eyes glaze over because usually I have no idea what they’re talking about. 🤷🏼‍♀️I’m okay with that. So I’m not better or worse than anyone else, these are my preferences and no one else need agree for them to fulfill me personally. But I do wish more people were open-minded as they claim to be.

  6. Yeah, totally. People get mad and think I’m opposed to debate or discussion when I say that childish is namecalling and petty bickering are counterproductive when it comes to political issues.

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