Outlaw sci-fi: Effugium Influences part two


Recently I posted about things that have influenced me throughout my life and either consciously or unconsciously manifested some sort of presence in Effugium.

Here, then, are some more influences that didn’t even occur to me until after I made that original post:

Yul Brynner’s murderous cowboy robot from Westworld is the original Terminator. This movie, as well as its sequel, Futureworld, sparked my imagination as a kid and made me want to write about robot uprisings. When Nar comes after Tramn and Caldo in the cave at the end, I realize now that I was totally trying to convey the same sense of Menace that had me on the edge of my seat when Yul Brynner was coldly stalking tourists.

How could I forget to mention Terminator? Especially T2? The idea of humanity as a whole being wiped out by its own creations has always fascinated me. In…

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