Effugium influences


Here’s a list of things that either consciously or subconsciously influenced Effugium:

Mass panic over an alien threat. Sure, the story’s overblown and exaggerated, but shut up and let people have it, Debbie Downer. dang.

Love this underrated sci-fi classic about people fleeing from Earth to escape destruction. Lovely matte painting of the world they colonize at the end:

I read the Hitchiker books numerous times throughout my teenage years. Douglas Adams tells genuinely funny yet compelling sci-fi stories with heart, a quality which also makes him one of my favorite Doctor Who writers. Incidentally, classic Who has a strong influence on Effugium as well, particularly the Tom Baker years, and particularly The Armageddon Factor.

Of course, Battlestar Galactica must be mentioned. Humanity nearly wiped out, the survivors venturing out into space, yada yada yada. No laser battles, though.

The Arthur C Clarke influence can be found in two…

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