Interview: Against the Damned (Oklahoma City, OK)

This is one of my favorite interviews from a blog I used to interview local and regional/underground bands on.

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Vocalist Shakes Speare answers a few dumb ass questions

First question:  Why is your name “Shakes?”  I’ve come up with two possible scenarios:  You were born addicted to crack and going through withdrawals, or your parents were big fans of the movie “Shakes The Clown” starring Bobcat Goldthwait.

Well I actually have had that nickname since middle school. Got it from a kid because I would always write songs and poetry during class so he started calling me Shakespeare. Also because my first name is William… Actually that is all a lie it is because I smoke crack.

You’re very adamant about reminding people that Against the Damned is, in fact, deathcore.  I heard you punched some poser for saying that you weren’t deathcore.   Is it true that Against the Damned was originally called “Unanswered” and was a Suicide Silence tribute band who also occasionally played Winds of Plague…

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