Moon Garden: out now

I’ve just released a collection of some of my more fanciful/fantasy/scifi-lite short stories, all of which have previously appeared on this blog and elsewhere. I call it Moon Garden.

Included are the following:

The Scoop

Childish Things


Death Mines of Mars

Father Knows…


Further Adventures

And several more.

Those of you who have already read these stories, stay tuned for a free day, which I’ll announce here.

Amazon description:

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember the stories that sparked your imagination and made you think and feel, and stuck with you well into adulthood? Do you ever wish someone would write stories that would instill within you the same sense of wide-eyed, innocent wonder that you felt back then, when magic was real and life’s possibilities seemed endless? Moon Garden is full of such stories. By purchasing this book, you’ve purchased a ticket to embark upon a wondrous journey through time, space, and beyond. This ticket will take you wherever you want to go, and it’s good forever.

These stories span multiple genres, but the spirit behind them is the same: they’re bedtime stories for grownups. Modern-day fairytales. No, not “grownup” as in explicit. Not at all. There’s very mild PG cursing in one story(The Only Sky), but the rest are squeaky clean and you could read them all to your kids.

If Grave Concerns represents the fears that lurk in the shadows of my tortured mind, Moon Garden represents my hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow. It’s the Dr. Jeckyl to the former’s Mr. Hyde.

These are the stories I’m most proud of. Sometimes funny, sometimes exciting and adventurous, and sometimes emotionally moving, they’re my humbly presented gift to my fellow humans, and I hope that many, many people will enjoy them for years to come.


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