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I’ve been blessed, this past week, with the kind of opportunity for mass exposure that few writers with aspirations of “making it” receive.

A reporter from a major newspaper contacted me and asked if I’d like to be interviewed for an upcoming story about the problem of medical debt in America. She’d come across a blog post in which I’d ranted about the issue and wanted to build a story around my experiences with it.

I gladly accepted, and was both humbled and grateful to be given such a fantastic opportunity to speak my mind to (potentially) hundreds of thousands of people about an issue that affects us all.

It’s one rung on a tall ladder, but I’m excited, and it’ll be presented both in print and online, so I’ll be able to share a link when it runs.

The reporter was very nice, and was very satisfied with the answers I gave her. I told her that I knew what to say to resonate with people and she agreed. When we got off the phone I teared up a little because she’d said in response to that last statement that it was nice to be able to talk to “another writer.” Imagine that: a real writer, one who does it for a living and who people pay attention to, and is important, calling a lowly scrub like me “another writer.” I mean, I’m dirt. I’m nothing. I wasn’t even supposed to exist and this is a mistake, right?

I’ve felt so beaten down and useless for so many years that just that small bit of validation moved me to tears.

Just last week, at my wits’ end, I’d buried my face in my hands, sobbing and screaming that I hated my life. I didn’t know how much more I could take.

God heard me, and he dropped this in my lap, from out of nowhere. It made me feel important, like a real person with important things to say. This is a true blessing and something I never expected to happen.

When I got out of the hospital in July, I was all fired up about life and being resilient, and that fire was beginning to dwindle. Now, it’s raging again, stronger than ever. God is watching over me. I believe that. I have to now.

I hope, at the very least, that I am able, with my words in the interview, to plant seeds of change in the minds of important people in power. I want them to hear my voice and to know that people are suffering. I spoke for all of us who feel powerless and disenfranchised (AKA those who aren’t part of the wealthy and privileged elite) in 2019 America. It’s not just a political talking point. People are afraid to seek medical care because the simplest of procedures can cost a small fortune, even to those with health insurance, like me. and they’re dying. And all I hear from our palace-dwelling overlords about it is a lot of high-minded jibber jabber with no action to back it up. Lipservice. Grandstanding. Something’s gotta change, and I took a stand. I did something I can be proud of, and people will see it and see my full name attached to it, and the fact that I have books available for purchase will be mentioned.

I didn’t ask for that–it was offered, and without hesitation, I answered in the affirmative. Yes, you may absolutely mention my books. I’m both humbled and grateful.

I’m sure I’ll get some haters in the comments sections, but y’know what? Bring ’em on. God bless ’em–I’m speaking for them too.

Stay tuned, the article should be running very soon.



  1. I am so glad you got this opportunity, Patrick. It’s an issue that I wish more people would rise up against. The state of so-called medical care as well as the “system” in general is appalling. We live in 2019 and this is our reality. It’s ludicrous.

    Also, you ARE a real writer. You’re an amazing writer. I’ve said it before: you are one of my very very favorite storytellers. You are gifted and I am so grateful to have found you here. Keep writing. I’ll keep reading (and someday that number will be a lot higher.)

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