The Roots of Effugium: The Time Remaining


Effugium was born sometime around 2008-2009. I wrote a story called “With New Eyes,” which was primarily about a conversation between two passengers on an intergenerational starship voyage. Their ancestors had left Earth as followers of a prophet named Kryuss. Not much is said about him, other than the fact that he was a con artist with delusions of grandeur.

Last year, I began writing blog posts by a mysterious character named Caldo, who was documenting the final ten years of humanity’s existence on earth from the perspective of a teenager.

Aliens had sent a mass text to everyone on Earth, informing them that they were an invasive species and would be removed in ten years.

Soon after I began posting, the actual President, in real life, sent a mass text to everyone, and I altered the post to say something like “Everyone thought it was one of those presidential…

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