Five underrated horror gems you might have missed

Patrick Walts

I could attempt to list my top ten(Couldn’t keep it to just five…couldn’t.)horror movies of all time, but that’d be me telling you what I think about a bunch of movies you already know all about. You’re already intimately familiar with Freddy, Norman Bates, Dracula, Damien and the rest of those guys. There’s really nothing left to say about them, at this point. Yawn, right?

If you’re looking for something different to occupy your holiday viewing hours, here’s five of my favorite underrated horror films, in no particular order.

Late Phases(2014)

Late phases is a low-key, slow-burn film about werewolves that isn’t really about the werewolves. It’s about aging and the loss of dignity and respect that accompany the “Late Phases” of life. It’s about a specific aspect of being human.

Doctor X(1932)

From Wikipedia:

Reporter Lee Taylor (Lee Tracy) is investigating a series of pathological…

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