Big Picture

To some, the world is this:

To others, it’s this:

And still others perceive it as this:

Very few people see this:

All people see are individual ingredients. They think crust is everything, or that pan is all there is, or that pepper is the center of the universe, and they all think everything else is stupid or fake.

You could be enjoying the whole pizza, but you’re content to sit there and eat red onions as if they were apples. Step back. Take a look around. Develop a sense of empathy. We can all have a slice.



  1. mmmmm pizza… I made homemade from-scratch pizza a couple days ago. It was delicious. I think I need to make another now….

    Oh wait… we were talking about the big picture. Damn.

  2. I used to love pizza. I avoid it now because it doesn’t like ME anymore. I tell people that and they go “Why???” And I go, “Idk, I don’t think my body can process it as well without a gallbladder.” And they go “well my cousin had his out and he eats pizza.” And they think that means the same must apply to me, like we’re all car engines that work the same. They don’t understand that everyone works differently. Bodies, brains, everything. Or “I don’t think institutional racism is real because I don’t see it.” I would definitely eat some homemade pizza and just suffer the consequences though. I wouldn’t put myself through it for no Pizza Hutass pizza tho

  3. awwww that makes me sad. Because I do love some (good) pizza. But yeah, I hear ya. I can’t eat pork. Then it’s immediately “oh are you -insert religious group-?” No. I can’t eat it. Makes me sick. I like the taste. And then it’s telling me about people who can/can’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ so yeah, I get it. My next slice of pizza I will eat in memory of you 😉

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