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As I wrap up editing on the “Effugium,” Anthology, I’ve begun work on the full-length followup novel, tentatively titled “Exsilium.” This is an early draft of chapter one. It won’t be necessary to have read “Effugium” in order to follow this book, but it will give it more depth. I like books that can stand alone as well as serve as sequels, so that’s what I’m writing.

“Have you considered the possibility that you’re being just a smidge paranoid?”

Caldo didn’t turn around. The view of the city that lay beyond the window of the Central Governor’s office never failed to enthrall him. Post-WET architecture was uniquely Galenian in design–almost alien.

This, he knew, was by design. The aesthetic they’d cultivated was part of a conscious attempt on Galenia’s part to distance itself from anything reminiscent of Earth. He found it both stirring and beautiful, and a refreshing change from…

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