Which of these retro covers is most appealing to you?

1. Sparse and cryptic, title only, author not named.

2. Same as 1 but bigger border

3. Author named in lower right corner, planet above tree.


5. This is the one I think I’m favoring at the moment.

6. Or this, with the author name directly below the title.



  1. Yeah, I’m definitely leaning towards 5 as well. Wife likes that one best, too. And thank you, authentically old is the look I’m going for. Don’t want too much illustration, because it’s supposed to look like the dust jacket is missing, so I went really sparse and lowered the opacity on everything so that when you zoom in you can see the fabric on the cover beneath, to make it appear actually printed on it.

  2. Added the border, title, some clipart image of a tree that I blacked out, did the same thing with Saturn. It all blended really well with that background. I’ve made attempts at this kind of thing before and it didn’t look quite authentic but I think all the elements lined up this time. I really wanted something that looks old and intriguing and piques curiosity instead of your garden variety 2019 ho-hum sci-fi book cover. I made one of those as well, but all of the people I’ve showed both to prefer the retro variant.

  3. My thinking with having no author name was that it was supposed to look like an old book that one of the characters finds, but that’d be a pretty vague connection.

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