The pathology report from my surgery would make a good grindcore album

Turns out I had a huge ulcerated polyp serving as the lead point to an intussusception. No malignancies. Anyway, the doc gave me a copy of the pathology report and it reads like the liner notes to a grindcore album.



  1. Made this on my phone earlier tonight as a way of coping with being a little freaked out that I underwent a pretty scary procedure. Disarm it with humor, ya know?

  2. Yes. I think so. Saw the surgeon the other day and he removed the staples you see in the pic. He briefed me on the pathology report, said they found a huge polyp serving as the lead point, or cause, of the intussusception. It had ulcerated, hence the blood that prompted me to visit the ER. When I told him I’d had a gastroenterology appointment previously set up he said “Here’s the thing, though, they never would’ve found it because it was in between the two points that either an endoscopy or a colonoscopy would reach.” And it would’ve become cancer if not removed, but the tissue was analyzed and none was found. So not only was my life saved immediately by the surgery, but it saved me an issue later on down the road.

  3. I think I’m on the road to doing so. It’s kind of hard to do what you’re supposed to do when you have ocd and feel a constant urge to get up and move around and check things and worry a hole in your stomach about it, but writing helps me focus. Finishing up my Effugium series of stories, adding little threads to connect the stories here and there, editing, etc. The way it’s laid out in Word right now, it’s pretty tight and cohesive as I read through it.

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