Burrito Mountain

I do this kind of shit a lot. So I’m eating a 7-11 burrito in my car just like any other adult with his life together, and I hold it against the sky and think, this looks like a mountain.

What if I added some people and some stuff?

People tell me I have too much time on my hands, and I tell them that it took three minutes and to mind their own fucking business and let me make my fucking burrito caves and stuff like this, which was a stained piece of sheet metal that I did a kaleidoscope effect on and added some color.

Or that bolt I thought looked like a robot.

It’s not a waste of time, because it’s my imagination exercising itself. Look at this bell pepper:

A little tweaking and it looks like some terrifying alien creature viewed with night vision goggles, or some kind of microscopic bacteria or insect:

Anyway, the point is, I look at stuff and see other things in it. That’s all. NBD, I’m just fine over here, feeding Cheerios to crows and crouching in parking lots taking pics of garbage.



  1. Okay. So upon thinking about this further, I’ve decided that in reality bolt-robots and burrito mountains are actually fun and fucking awesome (in that they have made me laugh)…. so actually… I retract my previous statement. Keep taking pictures of garbage. Especially if you share.

  2. A lot of times I do make the pics for my posts out of things I’ve taken pics of. You really can make anything look like anything!

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