Cobra Kai: the best show(not)on tv

Last year, I decided to sign up for a one month trial of YouTube Red(now called YouTube premium)so that I could check out this new show about Daniel and Johnny from The Karate Kid as adults. Seemed like an interesting concept.

One episode led to another and to another and to yet another as I hungrily devoured the entire season in one sitting.


This is a reboot done right. It evokes the same feelings I had watching the original way back in the day. They took the spirit of the original movie and transplanted it into 2018, and they didn’t try to make it edgier or darker or really, change much of anything. It’s just so unashamedly ’80s, so over-the-top, so full of heart and so good that I told my wife that night, “You gotta check this out.” Then I rewatched the entire season with her, and she agreed.

Season 2 is here, and we’ve binged seven episodes since last night. I can relate so hard to Johnny and Daniel both feeling old and washed up, and I want them both to succeed. I rejoice in their triumphs with them. There really isn’t a clear-cut “badguy” in this. Well, I mean, there wasn’t, until now.

This show is to 40 year-olds what “baby shark” is to toddlers. It’s crack. It’s heroin. I need more!



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