Concept poster for T.R.E.E, 1987

Terrestrially Regenerative Enhanced Extranet, or T.R.E.E., was a concept introduced by Richard Kryuss at the 1987 annual Krytech Industries shareholder meeting.

Kryuss postulated that data could be encoded into the DNA of plants and all subsequent plants derived from them. The result would be a self-forming, self-expanding organic intelligence network, which could be accessed via computers equipped with the required Krytech software.

The idea was poorly received at the time, but by the mid-1990s, as internet use became more commonplace, Kryuss’s much-maligned idea received new life in online message boards, as a rapidly growing number of gen-exers came to view the tech magnate as a “poor man’s billionaire,” a Robin Hood-type figure who wanted nothing more than to provide free internet access to all.

This growing support reportedly bolstered Kryuss’s determination to resurrect the abandoned project, and in 1997 he began to do just that.

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