From the sidelines

I really have had about all I can stand without letting off at least a little steam.

The political stuff. All I hear, on both sides, is tired rhetoric and endless regurgitation of either left-wing or right-wing propaganda, almost all of which plays fast and loose with the actual facts.

I am so fucking sick of sheep calling people sheep. I’m so fucking of snowflakes calling each other snowflakes. I’m so fucking tired of every single conversation about anything, anywhere, devolving into a childish “drumpf vs dems” argument in which opponents hurl exaggerated and often long-discredited half-truths at one another.

Why do all your liberal friends sound the fucking same? Why do all of your conservative friends say the same things? They’re like big flocks of parrots, squawking the same words over and over and over and flapping their wings and keeping each other riled up.

And it’s not that they have separate ideologies. I can respect that. I can respect people will well-thought out opinions and arguments. People like that have discussions, though. They don’t copy and paste bullshit, agenda-driven clickbait articles into their brains and walk around reading them aloud as if these are opinions they formed themselves.

It’s that they aren’t fucking thinking. People believe absolutely everything they read that reinforces their own preconceptions. If they want to feel like victims, they search out “facts” to reinforce this. If they want to blame someone for their problems, they search out “facts” to back this up.

There are two major camps of people in America right now: People who believe virtually everything Trump says, who believe he can do no wrong, and those who feel compelled to fight tooth-and-nail to dethrone a man they perceive as the second coming of Hitler. Prior to that, it was the Obama can do no wrong people vs the “He’s a Muslim spy who’s going to lock us all in FEMA camps” people. In the midst of all of this are the “false flag” people, the “IF U LOOK INTO IT SANDY HOOK WUDDEN EVEN A REAL SCHOOL AND THERE ALL CRISIS ACTORS” fucking numbskull conspiracy assholes. They aren’t even part of the lunatic fringe anymore. They’re right there on the front lines of the squawk wars with the other parrots.

And it’s so. Fucking. Stupid. All of it. None of it is based in reality. It’s about holing up in echo chambers and and getting triggered as hell whenever we have to hear anything we don’t like.

And I’m not calling these people stupid, because it’s most people. We are predisposed to be this way and most of us fall into the trap. I’ve been in the trap myself. Spent some time there. Not for me.

We don’t even try to understand opposing viewpoints, where others are coming from. It’s not in line with the propaganda, so it’s bad, case closed, commence angry shouting of rhetoric.

I guess people like existing in a perpetual state of outrage. I don’t, and that’s why I’m venting. It’s good for the soul. Being angry and full of hatred over fabricated issues like what porn stars Trump has fucked or how much golf he plays is not, and I’m not going to play this stupid game. I don’t want any stupid prizes.

Remember when the big issue was how much golf bush played? Then the same people who bashed him for that defended Obama’s golf habits. Now they’re bashing Trump’s. Get fucking real, you flip-flopping fucks, that’s not an issue. It’s a stressful job and they find relief in golf, so what?

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing politically motivated people. I’m bashing those amongst them who represent the followers, the drones, the squawking parrots who are saying words, but don’t necessarily understand them. Pick your battles and quit abruptly turning the most non-political of conversations into political arguments.

“What kind of grass did you plant, Jim?”

“Kentucky bluegrass.”

“Hmmph! I wish Kentucky was blue again. Just a bunch of racist redneck Drumpf voters.”

“Oh like Killary would’ve been any better! Fuck You Jim, libtard snowflake!”

“You’re the snowflake! Did you know democrats started the kkk???”

See what I’m getting at? It’s just sheer idiocy that is more concerned with getting in some “sick burns” on people than actual issues. And I just can’t get involved in that. It’s exhausting even thinking about it.

End rant.


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