Where do these people come from?

Politicians look like they were born to do what they do. They have plastic faces and they move robotically, and they all use the same hand gestures when they speak. It’s like they’re some kind of Stepford Wives type androids. They look convincingly human, in an ’80s movie rich guy villain who’s going to bulldoze the youth center to make way for a strip mall kinda way, but something’s just a little off. Do they adopt this look after becoming politicians, or does the career just draw those types of people to it?

While I’m at it, why do news anchors talk the way they do? Why is that necessary?

Fuckin’ weirdos.



  1. I lived in DC for three years. And while there are many lovely people, you also see this type you describe EVERYWHERE.

    Very strange.

  2. Yeah. There are people who just seem like they’re TRYING to be politicians and/or journalists.

    Actually, when I lived in Boston I met a lot of people like this too: congressional staffers and TV anchor/journalist wannabes. Surreal is the word.

    And then you meet people who are in the media/government industry who really just want to do a good as job as possible. That was one of the most heartening things I experienced—firsthand knowledge that many people who work in government really are hardworking, decent, respectful patriots who take their jobs and their responsibilities very seriously.

    So as with anything, DC is a mixed bag. But I’m still glad I don’t live there anymore.

  3. Not sure what to say about the politicians, but many TV stations hire people to coach their anchors and reporters on how to present themselves on camera. The stations want consistency in how their news team looks and acts on TV.

  4. I assumed as much. It’s really striking when you look up newscasts from the ‘80s and ‘90s on YouTube. They’ve toned it WAAAAY down since then, but it doesn’t feel like they have until you watch older footage for comparison.

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