Weird Vehicles

These were all taken by me in the Oklahoma City Metro. I’ve been going through a bunch of old pics and some of these are too good not to make a post about. Some aren’t of vehicles, but whatever.

Who ya gonna call?

I know the song’s going to start playing in your head and refuse to stop, but at least it’s a great song.

Sure, why not?

Seems legit.

Sorry, you won’t be etching any permanent words into my skin anytime soon.

No words…

God save the (vape) Queen.

All I could think of when I saw this was how depressing it would be to paint your truck up like this only to have your mirror get broken.

Typical Sprouts customer.

The creature from the red-dirt lagoon:

Tough choice!

Who isn’t???

‘Spose he drove around like this for the full 8 years?

This guy had a giant cross that he raises up out of the bed of his truck and circles parking lots with.

Mobile Applebee’s?

If this RV’s a-rockin’…please do cum a-knockin’!😏

Now THIS is a work of art.



  1. I think it’s just the lack of uptightness and pretension combined with a diverse population. We have tons of Mexican and Asian grocery stores and restaurants, lot of authentic food choices, huge population of both, a lot of soul food and “country” food like bbq and chicken fried steak, a lot of hunting and fishing, a lot of artsy hipsters that hang out in the plaza district, which is where a lot of the cool little quirky places are. We have local music festivals, a festival just for reggae, a lot of country music stuff, a lot of concerts coming through for all kinds of music at tons of venues, cool bars including one that’s a refurbished mansion from the prohibition era that you can just chill in like a house and drink. Bands play downstairs. A lot of stuff going on and people act like it’s the most boring place ever with nothing to do. 😂. We have a lot of every type of person and everything that comes with that.

  2. It’s just chill with a low cost of living. I bitch about it myself but it’s really not bad. Tulsa kind of similar except they have a severe superiority complex over there.

  3. Definitely some interesting vehicles out there. Where I live, I occasionally see a bright pink limo that has the word “Sassy” painted on both sides.

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