Go with the flow

You hate pizza. Can’t stand the sight or the smell of it. You’d almost rather eat dog shit.

Your friend Tom fucking loves pizza, man. I mean, he will roll up a Totino’s like a quesarito and deepthroat it like Linda Lovelace, just slide that entire greasy motherfucker right down his esophagus. He doesn’t care if it’s a $1 frozen pizza, a Hot N’ Ready Little Caesar’s, a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut or an overpriced fancy pizza from some Chicago woodfired hipster gentrified ten-dollars-a-slice trendyass place that puts stuff like Lima beans and artichokes on its pies and calls its pizzas “pies.” He just loves pizza.

Dude,” he pleads with you, “How can you not like pizza?”

“I just don’t,” you keep repeating, wishing he’d quit bringing it up.

So is pizza good, or does pizza suck? Who’s right, you or Tom?

Both of you are, of course. He’s right because his taste buds are configured in such a way that pizza tastes amazing to him. Yours are not, and therefore pizza is unappealing to you.

This same principle can be applied to so many situations and scenarios we face every day. Differences in perception are the primary source of most conflict amongst human beings. We have to share this planet, though. Let people enjoy their Lima bean pizzas and remember that just because you don’t like something, it doesn’t render that thing devoid of value. It sucks to you. Don’t eat it. And no, this isn’t about pizza. Come on, make the leap. You can do it, America.



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